Group therapy is often a complement to individual therapy although not always.

The group brings its energy, exchanges, kind confrontations, experience-sharing so that one doesn’t feel alone any more in one’s difficulties & pain.

Sometimes a relaxation or an awaken dream starts the group session and creates a buffer between the day activities and self-centering. Typically, a first round of work & exchanges in sub-groups around the subject of the day allows everyone to discover and express thoughts/emotions/findings prior to restitution within the larger group and work with the therapist(s).

I practice group therapy in a way that there are exchanges between participants as well as between participants and therapist(s) and not between participants and therapist(s) only. This is what makes the therapy group a relationship laboratory which evolves towards authentic relationships, thanks to everyone’s work.

To experiment this group dynamic in which therapist(s) are the rules watcher(s) and keeper(s), decreases with time the idea of risk that each participant takes in showing him/herself in words to the other group members. The beauty of this practice is it allows to be oneself within and outside the group.

Group rules are: free speech, unjudging listening, kind confrontations, no violent or sexual acting-outs between group members and with the therapist(s) and sharing of what’s going on for oneself.

I enforce these rules to which I add confidentiality covering everything happening in the group.

  • Group therapy is for up to 12 participants and lasts 3 hours (evening) or 1 day.