I receive my clients during individual or couple sessions as well as group therapy in my office and also, on request, within enterprises or institutions for coaching or trauma management for example.

My practice belongs to the Humanist approaches in which the client is at the center of the relationship.

Individual sessions last for 45 minutes, couple sessions for 45 to 1h30 and groups last between 3 hours to 1 day.

Following a phone contact, we have a first face-to-face to exchange on what you’re looking for and if I can help you. I also suggest the framework of our sessions (frequency, location, duration, price, …)

Although I am a mental health professional I do not issue any medical diagnosis nor do I prescribe any medication.

As I am not an MD/physician French public law related to medical practice prohibits me to do so.

Integrative Empathic Therapy is a humanist approach with emotions and the relationship between client & therapist at the center of it. I use as part of my practice a variety of tools / approaches:

  • Client-centered therapy (C.Rogers).
  • Transactional Analysis (E.Berne).
  • Gestalt therapy (F.Perls).
  • Family Constellations (B.Hellinger) & Systemy.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming or NPL (R.Bandler & J.Gringer).
  • Mediation techniques.
  • Relaxations and Meditation.
  • I am an E.M.D.R practitioner (Trauma Desensitisation & Reprocessing)

My professional ethics incorporate several deontology codes that I subscribe to:

and in particular:

  • I guaranty the confidentiality of all sessions to all my clients;
  • My practice is supervised regularly and once a month minimum;
  • I continue to embrace constant training programs to increase my skills & know-how.

I may not be the right therapist at a given time to accompany a client in which case I submit other colleague’s names to him/her.