To whom? Everyone!

Now that statement is probably oversimplifying nevertheless difficulties can arise at any age, unexpectedly or even brutally and can be painful and heavy to bear.

Whether it is upon losing a loved one, a dream or a place, throughout difficult family or professional relationships, break-ups or uneasiness of unclear origin, help from a professional is a valuable resource.

The relationship in therapy, for whatever amount of time, is unique and healing as it is more and more authentic throughout the alliance & trust between a therapist and the client. It is by experimenting that authenticity in therapy that we can put it in place in our lives.

I receive children (including those classified as “high potential”), adolescents as well as adults, individually or as couples.


To build-up a better life!

It is very legitimate to be willing to improve one’s quality of life, to blossom & expand, to make meaningful choices rather than endure and lighten up what can be heavy & burdensome.

Whether it is for temporary or recurring difficulties, recent or ancient, for support or for change in order to better live your own life, enjoy a better relationship with yourself and therefore with others.

Seeking help, at any age, is to take ownership of your life.

Every person is unique, specific. We express our difficulties or sufferings in many ways:

  • By saying with our bodies (through illness) what we cannot express with words or imagination (dreams or artistic creations), these are the Somatizations;
  • By experiencing fears of unclear origin, without a true objet: this is Anxiety;
  • By repeating over and over again the same and sometimes painful patterns in our family or professional relationship: these are the Script Repetitions;
  • By expressing our Emotions sometimes inappropriately or in a disproportionate way without being eased;
  • By displacing fears onto objects or situations: these are the phobias;
  • By bearing, unknowingly and unwillingly, the weight of family secrets coming from the past transmitted underground: these are the Transgenerational Transmissions.

As humans we are relationship beings. It is by helping you become the person you want to be that you will be able to use your personal resources, build-up a gratifying relationship with yourself and others.

The most important person for you is …. You!