I wanted to be a physician. At my father’s death during my studies I chose to start working and so I worked in the high-tech industry for almost 30 years as International Sales Manager in contact with other cultures which was enriching but also in a performance-seeking and competition context.

lionel-thevenard-300So I know the Anglo-Saxon world quite well (US/UK) and as a therapist today I have clients of English mother tongue.

Caring for others is part of me and so I embraced that path at the turn towards the second part of my life. This evolution is very meaningful to me and being a therapist is deeply consistent with who I am.

A woman once told me a long time ago “There is no shame to seek help”. Starting a therapy was as a re-birth as it has been the start of a new encounter with myself, a person I quite hardly knew.

As I became more and more familiar with me I could improve my relationship with me and others, choose more carefully those with whom I would accept to share intimate things on my life and enjoy more authentic & joyful relationships.

And also accept to get it wrong sometimes ….

This was not done in a day but every step of the way was a gift I offered … to me. And this is still on-going.


EIREM Relational and Emotional Intelligence Institute. École des Intelligences Émotionnelles et Relationnelles, created and directed by Isabelle FILLIOZAT. Psychotherapist course over 6 years.
AT Transactional Analysis, evening training course with Nicolle COLLIN (PTSTA).
The TA Fundamentals over 1 year.
University Degree Psychotherapies and Developmental Psychopathology University Degree at the Paris Descartes university. Course headed by Professors Marie-Rose MORO, Bernard GOLSE and Pierre CANOUÏ, MD.
2 years course.





National Syndicate of Relational Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis Practitioners (Paris). Syndicat National des Praticiens en Psychothérapie Relationnelle et Psychanalyse.

French Federation of Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis (Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse – Paris). www.ff2P.fr